Next-Gen Bluetooth Is Here: Faster and Key for IoT

First introduced by the Swedish telecom giant Ericsson more than 20 years ago, the wireless technology standard Bluetooth will soon enable faster communication speeds and a longer range for a wide variety of Internet of Things connected devices..

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced yesterday that it has adopted specifications for Bluetooth 5, a standard that is expected to begin appearing in new devices within two to six months. The latest specifications enable connections at up to four times the range and twice the speed of the previous version of Bluetooth, the group said.

With broadcasting support for as much as eight times the message capacity of Bluetooth 4, the new standard will also help users and developers deploy "improved and more context-relevant solutions," according to the Bluetooth SIG.

Support for More than 10B Devices

Bluetooth 5 will help drive further development of the IoT by enabling reliable connections and easier adoption of beacon technology, Mark Powell, executive director of the Bluetooth SIG, said yesterday in a statement. That, in turn, "will decrease connection barriers and enable a seamless IoT experience," he added.

With its longer range, Bluetooth 5 will make it easier to provide connectivity across entire homes and other buildings, Powell said. It will also support "new use cases for outdoor, industrial and commercial applications."

The wireless technology already supports an installed base of more than 10 billion devices around the world, according to the Bluetooth group. The Bluetooth SIG predicts that number will increase to nearly 14 billion devices by 2020, with one in three new wireless products shipping with Bluetooth technology by that time.

New Opportunities in Smart Homes, Emerging IoT

The release of Bluetooth 5-enabled devices in 2017 will represent "another milestone" in the standard's development as a technology for IoT connectivity, according to a market report...

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