New Yahoo Mail App Eliminates Passwords, Links to Other Inboxes

The new mobile Mail app from Yahoo not only lets users integrate their inboxes with other e-mail services but also gives them the option of eliminating the use of passwords to sign in. The company is offering an alternative method via Yahoo Account Key, which lets users tap a yes-or-no visual interface on their smartphones to log in to Mail.

Launched in a month that marks Yahoo's 18th birthday, the new Mail app is also designed to be faster, more search-savvy and visually appealing. Rather than saddling profile-image-free users with bland pictures or a generic gray person icon, for instance, the app offers users a choice of "gorgeous" Flickr images depicting their initials.

The new mobile Mail app is available today in iOS or Android via the Apple App Store or Google Play. Desktop support for integrated inboxes is also available today for users in the U.S., and will roll out soon for users elsewhere, Yahoo said.

'More Secure than a Traditional Password'

Yahoo's latest move to help users avoid the need for passwords builds on a service it launched in March, which lets users request access via one-time, on-demand passwords sent via SMS to their smartphones.

"It was the first step toward a password-free future," vice president of product management Dylan Casey said in a blog post today. The new Yahoo Account Key takes another step in that direction, he added.

Users who activate the Yahoo Account Key option will receive a push notification on their smartphones that asks, "Are you trying to sign in?" with the choice of tapping either a "yes" or "no" button. With a tap of "yes," users are immediately taken to their Yahoo Mail inboxes.

Not only does Yahoo Account Key eliminate the need to remember an e-mail password or worry about password security -- it...

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