New Tech Tools Empower Online Privacy

If you desire more privacy in the digital world we live in, get used to this idea: You will have to work at it. Numerous services help you stop or slow down the relentless tracking of your every online move by the online advertising industry. And a fresh crop of free services is just arriving that can help you more proactively manage your privacy preferences you express on the social and mobile Web.

The good news is there are plenty of helpful tools out there. But if you don't take the initiative to lock down your online privacy, nobody will.

"Consumers are learning that they can't count on the data collectors to give them meaningful control over their data or to help them prevent oversharing," says Jim Brock, vice president of privacy products at anti-malware company AVG.

AVG's PrivacyFix is a free consumer tool that limits online tracking and also monitors the myriad privacy settings that can give Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and others the green light to widely harvest and exploit much of your personal data.

Meanwhile, Abine, maker of the widely used DoNotTrackMe blocking tool, recently launched MaskMe, a free service that makes it simple to obscure your true e-mail address, phone number and credit card account numbers while conducting Web transactions.

"We believe consumers should have full transparency about how their data is being collected and used," Abine CEO Bill Kerrigan says. "Our vision is to give consumers far more control in that equation than they've enjoyed in the past."

MyPermissions Cleaner is another new tool designed to help you monitor, as well as proactively manage, the permissions policies for social-media sites and popular apps.

Too Easily Overlooked

The sheer volume of overlapping permissions policies serves to obscure the massive data collection that enables behavior-based advertising. And we now know, thanks to Edward Snowden,...

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