New Rules for Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday has been a tradition for decades, but this year, shopping on Black Friday may actually be a little different. How? You ask. Retailers are changing up everything from the way you line up to the price you pay for deals in an effort to keep customers shopping.

Here are some of the new rules for Black Friday:

Early means early: You thought things were starting early last year? Well this year, everything is even earlier. More stores are open on Thanksgiving Day. Lines have already formed at some stores. Pre-Black Friday sales featuring Black Friday prices happened this past weekend. If you haven't at least started thinking about Black Friday, you're late.

Orderly conduct: Black Friday has the reputation of bringing out the worst in people with incidents of pepper spraying and trampling. This year, in an effort to create a better shopping experience, some stores will issue wristbands or tickets for certain doorbuster items to anyone in line. Shoppers will then have a period of time to claim the item once the selling event begins. When the tickets or wristbands are gone, so is the inventory.

Price matching: Price matching is the newest way to smash the competition. Some retailers have made the unprecedented move of matching a competitor's advertised Black Friday prices well in advance of Black Friday. And they are not only matching in-store prices, some will match a competitor's online pricing as well.

Doorbuster waves and guarantees: It has long been the frustration of Black Friday shoppers that the doorbuster deals everyone wants come in limited quantities. This year, retailers are offering more doorbusters and staggering them over two days. Wal-Mart in particular offers a "One Hour Guarantee." If you are in line during the one-hour time period for the item being offered, you can still get it even...

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