New Report Reveals More iPhone 8 Details

It is no secret that the web has been awash with rumors about the iPhone 8?EU?s quality and Apple?EU?s plans for a renewed launch of the iPhone 7. The following report will try to bring a little order into this chaos.

The newest rumor is that the iPhone 8 will come with a glass cover. This dovetails with another rumor that the iPhone 8 will be the first in the series to support wireless charging, and the glass cover is reportedly designed to make the charging process smoother. How smooth charging the device will be when the cover is being used is not so clear. One thing is clear; a glass design will require a cover for the device.

This information is based on comments by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He writes that Apple has decided to forego a metal cover for the new iPhone because the metal causes disruptions in charging and limits its speed. Kuo also asserts that Apple has wanted to manufacture an iPhone that is all screen for a number of years.

It is unknown at this stage whether the wireless charger will be included in the box when you buy the smartphone, or whether you will have to pay more money to buy it separately. Judging by company policy, the charger will likely be offered for sale separately. Samsung did the same thing with its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7; these devices support wireless charging, but the chargers themselves do not come with the device.

It was reported last week that Apple was planning to launch is iPhone 8 with a frameless OLED screen. The report also said that the device would be equipped with a multi-sensor camera and a fingerprint scanner built into the device?EU?s screen. The iPhone 8 will mark a decade of Apple?EU?s iPhone series,...

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