New iPhone 6 Issue Pretty Hairy for Apple

YouEUve heard of Bendgate? Old news. The latest scandal around the new iPhone 6 -- and the larger iPhone 6 Plus -- is particularly hairy: Some users are claiming that the new Apple device catches strands of hair between the phone's screen and the metal frame, pulling them out when the user moves the phone away from his head.

Just as there was an uproar on social media from users claiming that new iPhone 6 bends when carried around in pockets, it remains to be seen whether the new phoneEUs tendency to yank out facial hair results from an actual design flaw. But that hasnEUt stopped social media users from hustling to comment on the new complaint, and news outlets from reporting on it.

"The seam on my iPhone 6 where the aluminum meets the glass is definitely catching my hair and pulling it out," one user tweeted.

Bearded iPhone users have entered the fray, complaining that their facial hair gets yanked during calls. People took to Twitter and used the hashtags #hairgate and #beardgate to make jokes and air complaints.

This newest iPhone-related mini-scandal follows complaints leveled a few weeks ago that the phone bends under pressure, an issue that became known as #Bendgate. It quickly became a matter of dispute whether the phones really bend.

Apple has not commented on the latest tempest.

Joke Fodder

And with the controversy come the inevitable jokes from all corners. The Twitter account of the Atlanta International Fashion Week speculated that the hair-pulling habit might be a subtle way to get bearded young men to shave. Another user tweeted: "Congrats, Apple, for finally getting hipsters to shave."

Others got a little carried away, claiming that the phone is "ripping out chunks" of hair rather than one strand at a time, which seems to be the much more common complaint....

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