New iPad Pro May Run iOS and OS X

Apple may be working on a new, larger version of its iPad tablet designed with the professional in mind that runs both the mobile iOS found on current versions of the iPad and iPhone, and AppleEUs OS X, which normally only runs on its desktops and laptops, according to a report in Digitimes on Tuesday.

The device, which is being referred to as the iPad Pro, would potentially have a much larger form factor than the current iPad, reaching 12.9 inches. The current version of the original iPad comes in at 9.7-inches. If the rumors are true, the new devices could be available by mid-2015. Apple is scheduled to host an iPad event on October 16.

Dual Boot System

The development of a dual-boot system would seem to fly in the face of earlier statements by Apple executives that trying to merge the two systems would be a EUwaste of time,EU despite the fact that both have similar design aesthetics.

It could also present a serious design challenge. OS X typically runs on an Intel chip on a Mac, whereas iOS usually runs off ARM architecture. Designing a system that can run either operating system, would require either two separate CPUs (one for each system) or porting OS X over to ARM. OS X would also require a significant overhaul to take advantage of the iPadEUs touchscreen interface.

A dual-booting iPad would not be unprecedented, however. Microsoft tried a similar experiment with Windows 8, designing a system that could be used to run a desktop but also serve as the basis for a tabletEUs operating system. That attempt has widely been considered a failure, however, and Microsoft is already racing to get a successor to Windows 8 out to the market to stanch the bleeding.

Air 2 Coming

Although a dual-boot...

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