New Intel Chips, Drives Target ‘Pent-Up’ Demand for Cloud Migration

Aiming to make enterprise cloud adoption easier and faster, Intel yesterday unveiled new lines of processors and solid-state drives, as well as several new collaborative efforts under its Cloud for All initiative.

There is a "pent-up demand" for software-defined infrastructure because some businesses have been reluctant to make the shift, according to Intel executive Diane Bryant. Intel's new offerings are aimed at these companies which, while ready to invest in cloud-based architectures, are daunted by the perceived time and effort required for such moves.

Announced during the company's Data Center Group Cloud Day event, Intel's new products include a family of E5-2600 v4 Xeon processors, along with several new solid-state drives (SSDs) that are optimized for that processor line. Built with 3D NAND technology, the new SSDs offer high-density storage capabilities with a five-times performance boost compared to other drives, according to Intel.

Built for 'Efficiency, Performance, Agility'

The new line of E5-2600 v4 Xeon processors builds on the existing family of products that Intel aimed at "a new generation of data centers," senior director of data center product marketing Jennifer Huffstetler wrote yesterday on Intel's Data Stack blog. "They are designed expressly for next-generation data centers running on SDI, and they are supercharged for efficiency, performance, and agility across cloud-native and traditional applications."

The new chips provide faster memory and over 20 percent more cores and cache than the previous generation, according to Intel's specifications. With multi-core, multi-threaded processing, they also feature integrated technologies to improve performance across a range of workloads, enabling users to wring more value out of new servers and speed up the transition to software-defined infrastructure.

The E5-2600 v4 line of processors also includes Intel's Resource Director Technology, which "provides deeper visibility and control over shared platform resources to enable smarter orchestration," Intel said. "This suite...

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