New Firefox Browser Edition Is Built for Developers

Just in time for the 10th anniversary of Firefox, Mozilla is releasing a new version of its browser built specifically for the needs of developers. Firefox Developer Edition is designed as a "hard-hat area" to help developers debug and fine-tune their apps for different platforms, browsers and app stores.

The new browser version is molded to how developers work, according to Dave Camp, Mozilla's Director of Developer Tools. It also expands upon the features Mozilla previously offered through its developer tools, adding new capabilities for mobile and cross-browser development.

"We took the look of the Firefox developer tools and blew it out into the whole browser," Camp said. "It simplifies the process of developing for the Web."

Mozilla also made several other anniversary-related announcements Monday, including a new consumer version of Firefox with enhanced privacy features and a new privacy-focused partner initiative.

'Looks Really Cool'

Firefox Developer Edition sports a different look than the standard browser version for consumers. It features a "distinctive" dark look that's typical of many app development tools, and maximizes screen size through the use of streamlined tabs. Plus, added Camp, "it also just looks really cool."

Among the key features of Firefox Developer Edition is Valence (previously known as Firefox Tools Adapter), which "brings Firefox developer tools to browsers on all the mobile platforms: Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android and, of course, Firefox OS," Camp said. Currently billed as an "experimental add-on," Valence is designed to help developers create and debug apps across multiple browsers and devices. Mozilla says it will update the add-on regularly until it is ready for full release as a built-in feature.

Another new feature, WebIDE, is designed to help users "develop, deploy and debug Web apps directly in your browser, or on Firefox OS devices," Camp wrote Monday in an article...

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