New Box Zones Let Enterprises Store Data in Europe and Asia

Using the cloud services of IBM and Amazon Web Services, cloud storage provider Box is now offering customers new options for region-specific data storage. The Box Zones technology is designed to make it easier for enterprises to adopt cloud storage while also complying with local regulations for security and data residency.

Some businesses with strict data management requirements, such as financial services firms or healthcare organizations, have been reluctant to use cloud-based storage because their data could reside in data centers anywhere in the world. For example, the European Union is expected to adopt new regulations this year governing how and where personal data about EU citizens can be stored.

Box said it will begin offering Box Zones first in Europe and Asia but will move the service into new regions as time goes on. The company said it might also expand the service to include other technology partners as well. Box Zones will roll out on Amazon's S3 service in May and then launch on IBM Cloud later this year.

A 'Breakthrough Technology'

"Box Zones provides enterprise customers in Europe and in Asia the granular transparency and control they need to store content in the cloud with confidence," Russ Kennedy, senior vice president of product strategy and customer solutions for IBM-owned Cleversafe, said in a Webcast announcing the new service. "With Box Zones, clients will be able to control which country and which region their content will be stored in, and it offers international customers that are looking to support compliance mandates and data residency concerns an ideal way to address those needs."

Writing in a post on the Box blog, CEO and co-founder Aaron Levie called Box Zones a "breakthrough technology" that offers new levels of privacy protection and control for cloud-based storage.

"Box Zones has been a key focus...

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