Net Neutrality Ruling Causes Massive Tech Uproar

On Tuesday, a U.S. appeals court tossed out federal rules requiring that broadband providers treat all Internet traffic the same. The net effect of the so-called net neutrality ruling means sites that hog bandwidth, such as Netflix or Hulu, may be forced to pay extra for usage.

"Given that the commission has chosen to classify broadband providers in a manner that exempts them from treatment as common carriers, the Communications Act expressly prohibits the commission from nonetheless regulating them as such," Judge David Tatel wrote for the court.

A blow to the pro-net neutrality Obama administration, the ruling is causing a massive outcry from industry watchers while others are celebrating the Obama defeat.

Former FCC Comish Speaks Out

We caught up with former Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioner Robert M. McDowell, a visiting fellow at think tank The Hudson Institute, to get his take on the ruling. He told us the FCC is now zero for two before the courts in its EUmisguided attemptsEU to thrust the government into the InternetEUs network management affairs.

EUThe Internet was working beautifully before these rules were implemented and it will thrive even more now that they have been struck down,EU McDowell said. EUIn the meantime, ample laws already exist to protect consumers should market failures occur.EU

Civil Rights Group Disappointed

Rashad Robinson, executive director of, an organization that aims to strengthen Black AmericaEUs political voice, called the ruling a serious blow to the millions of Americans who count on the free and open Internet to go about the essentials of their daily lives.

EUBecause the court has given Internet service providers the green light to start openly discriminating against Web content they don't want to compete with, the Internet could very soon start looking like cable TV, where one corporation holds the power to decide which...

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