Neiman Marcus Data Breach May Be 6 Months Old

Even as security analysts are wading through the issues with the Target breach, new information is emerging about Neiman MarcusEU woes. According to the New York Times, hackers infiltrated the luxury retailing giantEUs computer network as far back as July.

Neiman Marcus last week disclosed hackers may have stolen credit and debit card numbers of its customers. The retailer has made it clear that it deeply regrets and is very sorry that EUsome of our customers' payment cards were used fraudulently after making purchases at our storesEU and assures the public it has taken steps to notify affected customers if it has their contact information.

EUAs best we know today, Social Security numbers and birth dates were not compromised,EU Karen Katz, president and CEO of Neiman Marcus Group, wrote in a blog post Thursday. EUCustomers that shopped online do not appear to have been impacted by the criminal cyber-security intrusion. Your PIN was never at risk because we do not use PIN pads in our stores.EU

Neiman Marcus Still Investigating

Katz went on to say that the retailer has taken and is continuing to take a EUnumber of stepsEU to contain the situation and to help prevent an unlawful intrusion like this from happening again. By that she means the company is working with federal law enforcement, disabling the malware it has found, enhancing its security tools, and assessing and reinforcing its related payment card systems in light of this new threat.

EUIn mid-December, we were informed of potentially unauthorized payment card activity that occurred following customer purchases at our stores. We quickly began our investigation and hired a forensic investigator,EU Katz said. EUOur forensic investigator discovered evidence on January 1 that a criminal cyber-security intrusion had occurred. The forensic and criminal investigations continue.EU

Katz said customers that are concerned about fraudulent activity can take...

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