Mobile Payment Services Offer Holiday Deals

Faster, better, cheaper. For most consumers the verdict on mobile payments is still out. But this holiday shopping season, trying a new way to pay may at least be cheaper.

PayPal and Google Wallet are offering deals and discounts to entice customers to use their services. Shoppers need to pay for goods in stores using a smartphone or online. The deals are available at major stores, including Toys R Us, Sephora and Home Depot. The promotions come as competition among such services intensifies, with the recent launch of Apple Pay.

To take advantage, shoppers need to open an account at either service's website by linking a credit card or debit card. Having an account at PayPal or Google Wallet can mean faster checkouts online. Whether shoppers are on a computer or using a smartphone app, they can click on the button for each service and their credit card information and address displays automatically. At stores, there's no need to swipe a credit card or take out cash, just a few taps on a smartphone app or hovering the smartphone over a register, and the transaction is done.

PayPal Discounts

PayPal is offering email alerts for deals throughout the holiday season. Shoppers who use PayPal at Toys R Us, Home Depot, Famous Footwear and teen retailer Aeropostale, can get $5 off when they spend $25 in the stores through Dec. 15.

Deals also can be found on PayPal's website, Recent deals include 15 percent off at, which ends in April. To take advantage of an advertised discount, users must click on the offer to save it to their PayPal account. Then, when the purchase is made, the discount will automatically be subtracted.

Google Wallet Discounts

One for you, one for me. Shoppers who use Google Wallet to buy a gift card for someone else at select...

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