Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning: Security by Design

Mobile devices are everywhere today -- but just how many are secured against data loss? Even the iPads and smartphones belonging to those who should know better are routinely secured by nothing more than a passcode. And as enterprise software on mobile devices becomes more popular, that could potentially leave the keys to the kingdom easily available, says HansaWorld SA Director and Product Manager Alan Sher.

"This is one of the key reasons why mobile devices are not fully taken advantage of in a business setting. Instead, the remarkable power of modern handsets are mainly used for private and social activities, leaving a considerable opportunity for business enhancement largely untouched," he says.

That is unless you are using business software which is secure by design -- and designed for mobile.

"HansaWorld has offered enterprise resource planning software on mobile devices for over eight years now. In that time, we've seen mobility in general, and mobile ERP in particular, explode in popularity. After all, the ability to perform a range of business tasks with your handset is enormously valuable," he says.

However, Sher points out that the idea of access to the inner workings of a company being mobile is likely to be scary to most CIOs and company executives. "Any enterprise system has to have a high level of integrity. If it doesn't, unauthorised persons can get in and manipulate data to their advantage -- such as creating payments, marking invoices as paid, or simply corrupting the information which is necessary to run the business."

When the ERP system is on a handset, for obvious reasons the potential problem is amplified. "You want systems running on handsets and tablets to have the same integrity as desktops in the office do," Sher notes.

As the only vendor which offers its full ERP solution on tablets and other...

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