Microsoft’s New Scroogled Products Highlight Privacy Issue

Despite criticism from certain quarters, Microsoft isnEUt giving up on its Scroogled campaign. In fact, the software giant is now rolling out merchandise that picks on rival GoogleEUs privacy practices.

Rather than being a Scrooge this holiday shopping season, Redmond is inviting you to shop its Scroogled store for what someone in the company viewed as a witty idea. A branded webpage features a black widow spider with the Google Chrome logo colors in the center of its body.

Scroogled products span mugs, hats, T-shirts and even hoodies ranging in price from $7.99 to $25.99. Microsoft is peddling a mug donning a Google brand mark that says, EUKeep Calm while we steal your dataEU for $7.00. Meanwhile, the EUScroogled Word Cloud T-shirtEU offers more than 20 synonyms for how Google is supposedly taking advantage of you. That sells for $11.99.

MicrosoftEUs Me Too

We caught up with branding guru Rob Frankel to get his take on the new merchandise line up. He told us Microsoft doesnEUt have the brand persona that lines up with this type of humor-based campaign. As he sees it, Microsoft has never really had a brand persona at all.

EUEverything sort of looks like a clumsy, pathetic second-to-market me-too attempt. You see this over and over again,EU Frankel said. EUApple had Steve Jobs, who was a charismatic leader in front of developers. Microsoft had Steve Ballmer dancing around on the stage just sweating -- and everything is like that. Microsoft is always second to market. Apple comes out with iPad. Microsoft comes out with a Surface.EU

Frankel said Microsoft has been successful because, much like Coca-Cola, the company has aggressive sales tactics. By contrast, consumers are paying even higher prices for Apple T-shirts with nothing more than the brand logo.

Is it Funny?

EUTo this day, Microsoft doesnEUt command huge loyalty among...

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