Microsoft Touts Windows 10’s Momentum at IFA

When it comes to Microsoft Windows 10, the momentum is huge. At least thatEUs the message Redmond is sending to the masses. Nick Parker (pictured), corporate vice president of MicrosoftEUs OEM division, took the stage at the IFA 2015 consumer electronics show in Berlin today to talk about the new operating system and how much traction itEUs gaining even in the early days of its release.

EUOur strategy is clear and our strategy is to build the best mobile and productivity services for the cloud-first, mobile-first world,EU Parker told the audience. He noted that over 75 million devices are already running Windows 10, and customers in 192 countries are enjoying the new Windows 10 experience.

An Impressive Start

In a blog post before his keynote speech, Parker said new Windows 10 devices would be available in time for the holiday shopping season. He also promised that Windows 10 PCs, tablets, phones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices running Microsoft as well as partner apps and services EUwill help people be more productive in their digital work and life.EU

Windows 10 brings back the Start menu, something Microsoft took flack for removing in Windows 8. The operating system also showcases Live Tiles for streaming updates and has a slew of new security updates. Windows Defender and Smart Screen, for example, work to keep viruses, malware and phishing attacks at bay. Meanwhile, Windows Hello is a password-free way to log in securely.

Apparently, people really like Windows 10. EUThis was the best executed upgrade in Microsoft's history by a substantial margin,EU Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, told us. EUThe numbers are massively above any other and the problems have been trivial -- an impressive piece of work by any standard.EU

Slew of Windows 10 Products

At IFA, Parker also introduced several products sporting Windows 10....

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