Microsoft To Warn You About State-Sponsored Hacking

In what looks to be the last high-profile security story of the year, Microsoft has just announced that hackers aligned with government agencies may have tried to infiltrate its Hotmail property in China.

Microsoft vowed to warn users if there is any reason to believe their accounts have been ?EU?targeted or compromised by an individual or group working on behalf of a nation state.?EU? Redmond changed its policy after a report by Reuters alleged that the company chose not to tell thousands of Hotmail users that their e-mail accounts had been hacked by government officials in China.

In 2011, Microsoft cybersecurity experts reportedly found evidence of attacks on Hotmail accounts used by human rights lawyers, diplomats in Japan and Africa, as well as Tibetan and Uighur leaders. according to Reuters. But instead of informing users that their accounts had been hacked, Microsoft just decided to ask affected users to change their passwords.

The company said it is also taking steps to identify and prevent unauthorized access to, OneDrive and other accounts. Facebook and Twitter recently announced similar moves, and Google has been on board with these warnings since 2012.

?EU?We?EU?re taking this additional step of specifically letting you know if we have evidence that the attacker may be ?EU?state-sponsored?EU? because it is likely that the attack could be more sophisticated or more sustained than attacks from cybercriminals and others,?EU? Scott Charney, corporate vice president of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post. ?EU?These notifications do not mean that Microsoft?EU?s own systems have in any way been compromised.?EU?

Five Steps To Protect Yourself

Before you get too alarmed, getting a notification doesn?EU?t mean your account has definitely been attacked. It just means there is evidence that you?EU?ve been targeted and you need to take additional steps to secure your account, as well as check...

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