Microsoft Shows Off Possible Future of Football Viewing

Imagine being able to watch all 22 players at the snap with video that expands from your living room television set to the entire wall.

Curious about how big Terrence "Pot Roast" Knighton really is, or how 5-foot-11 quarterback Russell Wilson (pictured above) is able to use his high release point to avoid getting passes batted down? Try standing next to a hologram of Knighton right in your den on an NFL Sunday, or watching a hologram of Wilson release the ball right over your outstretched arm.

Wonder why your favorite quarterback just threw an interception, or how a big hole opened for a running back on a touchdown run? Just load up a 3-D version of the play on your coffee table and zoom it, pause it and rotate it around 360 degrees to see how the cornerback baited the quarterback into a bad throw, or a pulling guard help spring a long run.

The designers at Microsoft believe those seemingly far-fetched dreams could one day be a reality in living rooms around the country. Microsoft showed off its HoloLens technology at the Super Bowl this week as the company tries to redefine the experience of watching NFL football at home.

"This stuff is coming," said Brian Rolapp, the executive vice president of media for the NFL. "It's not a question of if, it's a question of when."

The technology is not ready to be released to the public, but Microsoft used a game played between Seattle and San Francisco at Levi's Stadium earlier this year to show the capabilities. With 3-D capable cameras spread around the entire stadium, plays were able to be brought to your coffee table with the press of a button on your phone or the movement of your hands.

All 3-D forms of the 22 players were lined up and...

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