Microsoft Rolls Out OneNote Updates for iOS, Android

With the launch of its universal, works-across-all-devices Windows 10 just a couple weeks away, it's little surprise that Microsoft has tweaked another offering -- OneNote -- to provide a more consistent experience for users. Yesterday, Redmond unveiled a single OneNote app for iOS that works for both iPads and iPhones, as opposed to the separate apps it offered previously.

For iPad users, that will mean getting the new version of OneNote from the Apple iTunes store. On the other hand, iPhone users won't have to do anything, as the old iPad OneNote app has been merged into the one for the iPhone.

Another update for Android enables users to move or copy pages from one section or notebook in OneNote to another. For example, the new feature allows users to move spur-of-the-moment notes saved in the Quick Notes section to the regular Notebook section later.

Expect New Updates 'Even Faster'

By bringing iPad users into OneNote's iPhone fold, Microsoft said it can now move even faster to update the app with new features. In the meantime, iPad users can begin using several features that were recently added on the iPhone side, including the Today Widget, Recent Notes and Page Previews.

With one tap, the Today Widget lets users quickly create new notes and lists from the Notification Center, without having to navigate to the full OneNote app. It also provides a one-tap way for users to quickly view their most recent notes.

Other features that will be new to iPad users include a Recent Notes view that displays the most recently edited entries across all open notebooks, and a Page Previews function. When an iPad is turned into landscape mode, Page Previews lets users quickly view the content on different pages saved in OneNote.

Android Wear Beta Coming Soon

The new universal OneNote app...

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