Microsoft Rolls Out Office for Android

It seems like it took just about forever for Microsoft to roll out Office for iPad -- and it took even longer for Redmond to serve up Office for Android. But itEUs finally available, along with Outlook for iOS and a preview for Android.

Microsoft built Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android tablets from the ground up with touchscreen functionality in mind. And it's perfect for mobile productivity, according to Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president of MicrosoftEUs Office 365 Client Apps and Services.

EUConsider a pharmaceutical sales rep on a train in Chicago, updating her monthly budgets in Excel. Or a student in a Madrid coffee shop writing a paper in Word, while collaborating with other students back at the dorm. Or a consultant from Bangalore at his clientEUs site, wirelessly projecting a PowerPoint presentation to a large screen,EU he wrote in a blog post. EUThese are just a few scenarios our engineering teams anticipated when we designed the apps -- for touch, on the go and tuned for Android tablets.EU

Unmistakably Office

Koenigsbauer said Microsoft designed the apps to be EUunmistakably Office, while optimized for Android tablets.EU Some of the design features include large touchpoints that work to make it easy for people with big fingers to navigate commands so an external keyboard is not required.

EUExisting documents open and render beautifully and are accessible instantly from device to device via a roaming EUmost recently usedEU file list,EU Koenigsbauer said. EUWithin each app, weEUve prioritized the most important features for mobile scenarios.EU

For example, Koenigsbauer said users can review documents by tracking changes and adding comments, and then share the work. Excel spreadsheets offer support for formulas, charts, tables, PivotTables, sorting, filtering and comments. And PowerPoint presentations offer support for rich formatting and embedded video, transitions and animations.

Will Anybody Use Outlook?

Microsoft also released...

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