Microsoft Revamps MSN for a ‘Mobile-First’ World

Designed "from the ground up" for mobile users and the cloud, Microsoft's revamped MSN platform sports a Windows-like look and a new range of information sources that users can personalize for their individual needs. Microsoft is offering a sneak preview of the redesign ahead of its official rollout at a later date.

The new look for MSN was described in a blog post by Brian MacDonald, Microsoft's corporate vice president for information and content experiences.

Since the MSN platform was first launched in 1995, "how we explore, discover and interact with our favorite content has changed in profound ways," MacDonald said. "It's become increasingly hard to keep up with all of the information swirling around the Internet, let alone do something meaningful with information once we've found it."

Personalized Content Across Devices

A key feature of the new MSN is the so-called Services Stripe at the top of the page. The bar allows users to connect to Outlook e-mail and other tools linked to their Microsoft account, including Office, OneNote and OneDrive. The Services Stripe also features links to Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

The redesigned MSN also presents "actionable information" and personal productivity tools. The "Money" section, for example, provides a mortgage calculator, currency converter and retirement planner, while the "Health & Fitness" area includes a symptom checker, wellness guide and even a 3D guide to the human body.

Users can reorder the content categories or add or remove sections according to their personal tastes.

"One of our goals was to make it simple to personalize what you want to see regardless of which device you use," MacDonald wrote.

Focused on "the primary digital daily habits in people's lives," the new MSN will deliver information and personalized settings through the cloud so users can access their preferred content using whatever device they choose,...

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