Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Preview, Announces Device Guard

A new version of the technical preview of Windows 10 launched Wednesday contains some tantalizing clues on what the upcoming version of the Microsoft operating system has in store for users. The new build, labeled 10061, includes new mail and calendar apps, along with improvements to the Start button, Taskbar, and Action Center.

On Tuesday, meanwhile, MicrosoftEUs corporate vice president of Trustworthy Computing Scott Charney announced a new security feature that would be available to enterprise customers, called Device Guard. The company had previously blogged about the then-unnamed feature, which gives organizations the ability to lockdown devices to provide advanced malware protection.

New Security Layer for Enterprise Clients

Device Guard will protect enterprise systems against both new and unknown malware variants and advanced persistent threats by blocking all traffic except for trusted applications with security certificates signed by specific software vendors, Microsoft, or the client, according to the company. Microsoft said the new security system will provide better protection against zero-day exploits targeting the new operating system.

When an app is executed, Windows will determine whether it is trustworthy, and will notify the user if it is not. Device Guard can use hardware technology and virtualization to isolate that decision-making function from the rest of the operating system, which helps provide protection from attackers or malware that have managed to gain full system privilege.

Microsoft said that design gives it a significant advantage over traditional antivirus and app control technologies like AppLocker, Bit9, and others that are subject to tampering by an administrator or malware.

Cosmetic Changes

The new apps on display in the latest, build, meanwhile, are designed to bring improved performance and a familiar three-pane e-mail user interface. Users will be able to toggle between the calendar and e-mail apps that include customizable swipe gestures that can be used to delete,...

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