Microsoft Releases Sway Presentation Tool, Windows 10 App

If you hate PowerPoint but want to create digital presentations, Microsoft aims to sway you to a new app. Sway, an online application, has come out of preview and is now available to all eligible Office 365 users.

Redmond is billing Sway as an EUentirely different way to express yourself and bring ideas to life.EU You could think of it as PowerPoint built from the ground up specifically for the Web and mobile devices. Sway adapts to fit the device you are using for the ideal interactive presentation.

HereEUs how it works: You bring your ideas and raw content and SwayEUs intelligent design engine creates a layout that includes images, text, videos and other media you need to support your story. Sway offers a clean presentation no matter what device you people are viewing your presentation on: phones, tablets, laptops, PCs or even the mammoth Microsoft Surface Hub, according to Microsoft.

Sway for Windows 10 Available

Sway is now available for Windows 10 in the Windows Store. With the Windows version, you can tap into all the features of Sway and also leverage the capabilities of a PC or tablet. The application is currently not available for Windows Phone but Microsoft is working on it. The big question is: How does this apply to businesses?

Microsoft said business professionals are using Sway to save time creating interactive reports, newsletters, trainings and other designs. For example, Sway can help you showcase a custom solution built by your IT services unit, or it could demonstrate your thought leadership in an industry.

EUUse SwayEUs new format to blog publicly or share expense report training with your employees,EU Microsoft said. EUPitch prospective clients or attract customers with marketing materials that stand out and flow responsively across devices. Here at Microsoft weEUre using Sway ourselves for internal trip reports, presentations,...

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