Microsoft OneDrive Works To One Up Google Drive

Look out Dropbox and Google Drive, Microsoft seems poised to compete for customers with its made-over SkyDrive personal cloud storage service. Redmond on Wednesday re-launched the service once known as SkyDrive as OneDrive.

OneDrive is a free personal cloud storage service that consumers can use to store photos, videos and documents. Better than its predecessor, OneDrive offers new features, like improved video sharing and newly updated apps for Windows Phone, iOS, Android and Xbox.

EUWhen someone picks up their phone, tablet or any other device, they just want all of their favorite photos and the documents they need at their fingertips -- they donEUt want to have to hunt for them,EU said Chris Jones, corporate vice president of OS Services at Microsoft. EUThatEUs the lens we are taking with OneDrive. "WeEUre building it right into all of the latest Microsoft devices and services -- from Xbox to Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 to Office -- but weEUre also making sure itEUs available on the Web and across all other platforms including iOS and Android, so your photos, videos and files are all available anytime you need them.EU

Giving Away the Cloud

According to a recent Microsoft-commissioned online study, at least 77 percent of cloud-familiar consumers have content stored on a device that is not backed up elsewhere, and 69 percent would rather lose the device itself than the content thatEUs stored on it. With OneDrive, Microsoft said people donEUt have to make that choice. OneDrive offers 7 GB of free storage. ThatEUs the equivalent of more than 7,000 photos.

One of the most interesting new features that OneDrive brings to the market is automatic camera backup for Android. The feature works to make it easier for customers to get their photos from their Android phones to their other devices -- and video transcoding --...

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