Microsoft Offers Windows Devs a Bridge to IoS

The gap between Windows applications and apps for Apple's iOS mobile platform might become a little more navigable thanks to a software release from Microsoft. Windows Bridge for iOS (nicknamed WinObjC) is a Microsoft open source project that offers an Objective-C development environment for programmers in Visual Studio and Windows.

The iOS bridge is being released as an open source project under the MIT license, the company said. WinObjC offers support for Apple iOS application programming interface compatibility, said Kevin Gallo, partner director of software engineering at Microsoft, on the Windows blog yesterday. The software is available as a preview on GitHub.

Easier Apps

The goal of the project is to make it easy for iOS developers to build and run apps on Windows, wrote Gallo. Therefore, "it is important to note that today's release is clearly a work-in-progress -- some of the features demonstrated (previously) are not yet ready or still in an early state. Between now and the fall, we'd love more eyes, feedback, and participation on the code, so we're doing our development in the open."

Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, told us that the software release could add another, potentially lucrative, audience for Android titles.

"Windows users do buy stuff, so finding an easy way to get from iOS to Windows may be easier path than going from iOS to Android," Enderle said. "Alone this wonEUt make their effort to become a stronger mobile competitor to Android and iOS successful, but it will be a huge founding element to a more complex and complete competitive strategy."

More Bridges

Using WinObjC requires the recently released Windows 10 operating system as well as Visual Studio 2015 with Windows developer tools. Visual Studio 2015 Community is available for free, according to Microsoft. WinObjC supports both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 apps...

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