Microsoft Launches New Cloud Services for Azure Platform

Redmond is introducing a slew of updates and new features for its Azure cloud platform at a conference scheduled for later today. Among the upgrades Microsoft plans to introduce at its EUAzureConEU event is the new Azure Container Service, an open source container scheduling and orchestration service.

The service will offer customers an open source environment for running container workloads using both Docker and Apache Mesos. In addition, it will include open source components such as Marathon (for launching and scaling container-based applications) and Chronos (for distributed cron and batch workloads). The service, which will also be able to deploy, scale, and orchestrate Swarm-based solutions, will be available in preview by the end of the year.

Big Data and IoT

Azure is one of the largest cloud services in the world, with 24 regions worldwide, more than AWS and Google combined. To underscore its commitment to maintaining that leadership position, Microsoft said it will be adding India to its list of regions.

Besides expanding its container service offerings, Microsoft said the updates will focus on several specific areas, including big data, mobile apps development, faster cloud deployment, the Internet of Things, and intelligent infrastructure. In particular, the company is launching an Azure IoT suite of tools that will work with a company's existing processes, devices, and systems to help build and scale IoT projects.

EUIt is purpose-built to address common business needs for IoT, such as remote monitoring, asset management and predictive maintenance,EU said Jason Zander, CVP of the Microsoft Azure Team, in a statement. In addition, Microsoft also announced a new Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT program, which will test and certify Microsoft partnersEU offerings for the IoT.

Yesterday, Redmond announced that the Cortana Analytics Suite, a managed big data and analytics suite, is now available for purchase. It also announced...

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