Microsoft Launches High-Tech Cybercrime Center

Redmond has historically been tough on illegal online activity, but now Microsoft is kicking it up a notch with its new Cybercrime Center. On Thursday, the company vowed to get a little tougher on Internet crime.

According to the companyEUs research, 50 percent of online adults were cybercrime victims last year. WhatEUs more, cybercrime costs the global economy up to $500 billion annually. And itEUs not all mega corporations. Microsoft figures 20 percent of small and medium-size businesses have been targeted.

EUThere are nearly 400 million victims of cybercrime each year. And cybercrime costs consumers $113 billion per year,EU said David Finn, associate general council for MicrosoftEUs Digital Crimes Unit. EUWe understand that thereEUs no one single country, business or organization that can tackle cybersecurity and cybercrime threats alone. ThatEUs why we invest in bringing partners into our center -- law enforcement agencies, partners and customers -- into this center to work right alongside us.EU

Former Feds on RedmondEUs Side

Microsoft described the Cybercrime Center as a CSI kind of a place, which may bring up images of popular law enforcement TV shows in the minds of some. The center is equipped for a high-tech, crime-fighting mission and home to labs, offices, ultra-secure evidence rooms as well as software and tools.

EUItEUs like a functional movie set,EU said Finn, who once served as a federal prosecutor in New York City. EUBut there is real-life cybercrime going on, and these are real-life labs to fight it in a cutting-edge way. This is not a TV show -- we have important cases weEUre working on right now, right on the other side of the window.EU

Like Finn, the staff at the Cybercrime Center was handpicked and includes federal prosecutors, police officers, technical analysts, bankers, engineers and physicists. According to Microsoft, their investigations have brought them to the doorsteps...

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