Microsoft Intros Outlook for Apple Watch App

Tech giant Microsoft has validated the Apple Watch -- as if the smart watch needed any more validation -- by rolling out a new batch of wearable productivity apps for the iconic device, including Outlook for Apple Watch.

Redmond already rolled out wearable apps for OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, Skype, Yammer, and Cortana, among others, as part of its stated mission to reinvent productivity on all platforms. Outlook for Apple Watch, though, is the one thatEUs getting the most attention.

EUYou know the feeling -- youEUre close to a critical deadline, working hard to finish that report, app or blog post (ahem). You are jogging in the morning, managing meetings or juggling life -- but you still canEUt afford to miss key inputs that could risk your project, or your day,EU said Carlos Bohórquez Marín, product manager for the Modern Collaboration team, in a blog post. EUIn this highly connected mobile world, you must remain focused and deliver on time.EU

Quick Replies

Outlook for Apple Watch is essentially an extension of Outlook for your desktop. Microsoft said it will help Apple Watch users keep up with e-mails, calendar and other aspects of their lives.

Focused Inbox Watch notifications are a big part of the experience. But you can also do other things you typically do on a PC, like browse and read full e-mails and delete, flag, archive or schedule the messages to appear later.

EUWeEUve also added Quick Replies, with pre-written responses and voice dictation for a more personal touch,EU said Marín. EUFinally, you can see unread e-mails and your next calendar appointment on the Glance screen.EU

Is It a Good App?

We asked Roger Entner, principal analyst at Recon Analytics, for his take on MicrosoftEUs Apple Watch apps. He told us if you canEUt sell your own devices then you have to build...

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