Microsoft Introduces New Tools for Developers

Developers are about to get their hands on a bunch of new and updated tools, courtesy of Microsoft. The company announced a number of enhancements to its DevOps tools at its Connect conference in New York City. Among the biggest developments is the introduction of Visual Studio Dev Essentials, a new, free program that offers developers everything they need to create applications on any device or operating system.

EUWith state-of-the-art tools, the power of the cloud, training, and support, itEUs our most comprehensive free developer program ever,EU the company wrote on the Visual Studio Dev Essentials Web page. Dev Essentials will also add priority forum support, training services from Pluralsight, Wintellect, and Xamarin, and, starting next year, monthly credits for use in Azure.

Visual Studio Goes Open Source

But Dev Essentials wasnEUt the only big Visual Studio announcement coming out of the Connect event. Microsoft also announced the release of the beta version of Visual Studio Code (pictured). The latest update adds extensibility support to Visual Studio Code and a set of guidelines, samples, and tools to support building extensions. It also includes an extension gallery for developers to peruse and play with. The gallery includes more than 60 new extensions for languages, linters, color themes, snippets, and debuggers.

The Visual Studio source code itself, meanwhile, has been added to a new public GitHub repository, effectively making Visual Studio Code an open source project going forward.

At the same time, Visual Studio Online is getting something of a facelift. The cloud development service is changing its name to Visual Studio Team Services to focus more on its DevOps service aspects. ItEUs also getting a number of new features, including a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, a new customizable and task-based Build service, dashboards that provide visibility into a teamEUs progress, and preview extensions...

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