Microsoft Hyping PowerPoint Competitor Sway

Could this online application sway you from your love of PowerPoint? Would Microsoft be crushed if it did? Microsoft first announced Sway, a new app in the Office portfolio, in October. Redmond is billing Sway as an EUentirely different way to express yourself and bring ideas to life.EU

You could think of it as PowerPoint built from the ground up specifically for the Web and mobile devices. It adapts to fit the device you are using for the ideal interactive presentation. Over 175,000 people have asked to join the Sway movement in the 10 weeks since Microsoft launched the preview version.

Now, Microsoft has expanded Sway with more features, including undo and redo, bullets and numbering, the ability to edit text on the canvas, easier section reordering, a means to import PDFs, and improvements to the color picker.

A PowerPoint Killer?

We turned to Wes Miller, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft, to get his thoughts on the impact Sway could have on PowerPoint. He told us, theoretically, Sway could turn out to be a PowerPoint killer.

Miller wrote a report on Sway when Microsoft rolled it out in October and admitted he struggled with how to define it. Some look at Sway like Prezi -- a cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas -- or compare it to other online competitors to PowerPoint. Miller looked at it a little differently.

EUSway is less for presentations and more for storytelling, which in some ways is sort of what PowerPoint was supposed to be used for -- but is not what it wound up being used for,EU Miller said. EULong-term, Sway is quite possibly a PowerPoint killer.EU

What Makes Sway Powerful

If you have never used either program and you take a quick look at Sway and PowerPoint, the applications can look...

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