Microsoft Hosts Contest To Solicit Your HoloLens App Ideas

If you send it, they will build it. Microsoft wants users of its HoloLens augmented reality device to help its engineers build the headset?EU?s next app. On a newly launched Web site, the company this week challenged people to contribute app ideas for the HoloLens, which lets users see virtual elements in the real world.

Users have until Jan. 11, 2016 to submit ideas for HoloLens apps. Microsoft will choose the three best ideas and put them up to final vote on Twitter, then it will build the winning idea as an application for the futuristic device. The winner will get to be a close-up spectator in the process Microsoft?EU?s designers, artists and engineers build the app, contributing to weekly build reviews, Q&A sessions, and more.

Brand Awareness

We reached out to Sean Whitmore, research analyst with Greenlight VR, who told us that for an unproven technology such as augmented reality, soliciting non-technical ideas could be an ideal way for Microsoft to market its new product and build brand awareness.

"This type of consumer engagement could foster not only more awareness of the tech -- and inevitable consumer release -- but also allow those with no technical expertise to contribute and therefore bring fresher ideas to the table," Whitmore said.

Microsoft?EU?s main criterion for the winning app idea is that it?EU?s able to run on smartphones, tablets, PCs and other devices running the Windows 10 operating system. Even interested parties who don?EU?t have app ideas to submit can inspect and comment on the ideas of others via Microsoft?EU?s Web site, and vote for their favorites. During the idea submission phase, Microsoft will be blogging about the most feasible ideas and how they?EU?re best situated to take advantage of the capabilities of HoloLens.

Entrants must be at least 13 years old, and those between 13 and...

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