Microsoft Highlights Windows 10 HoloLens at Build Conference

As expected, the opening keynote at the Microsoft Build conference in San Francisco on Wednesday put a lot of focus on the upcoming Windows 10 operating system, expected to be released sometime in the middle of this year. The more eye-opening attention-getter was one of the new technologies that will be enabled by Windows 10: holographic computing.

Following opening comments by CEO Satya Nadella and other company execs, Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow with Microsoft's Operating System Group, took the stage at the Moscone Center to present several live and videotaped demonstrations of Microsoft HoloLens. Powered by Windows 10, the wearable system -- which resembles a set of high-tech goggles -- will let users turn any Windows app into a holographic image that can be controlled and manipulated for a variety of purposes.

The HoloLens will enable new levels of visualization and collaboration in such areas as architectural design, industrial robotics and medical education, Kipman said. He closed his presentation by announcing that several hundred demonstration models of the HoloLens device will be available to developers at Build over the next few days to enable them to test its apps, functions and capabilities.

'A New Way of Seeing Things'

In a video illustrating tests of the device performed at Trimble Architecture, Kipman showed how the HoloLens lets designers and engineers envision architectural drawings as real-looking, three-dimensional images that can be explored and altered -- lifting a rooftop to reveal the structure underneath, for example -- to improve planning and avoid costly errors. Holographic images can also be viewed by users at different locations, enabling people to collaborate on designs virtually.

In an on-stage demonstration, Mark Griswold, a professor at Case Western Reserve University, then showed how the HoloLens can help medical students learn about human anatomy, replacing traditional instruction that usually relies...

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