Microsoft Goes Open Source on Key Part of Edge Browser Engine

Redmond has decided to open-source key components of Chakra, the JavaScript engine that powers the Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft announced on Friday at the JSConf US Last Call in Florida that it would be uploading the source code to a GitHub repository next month.

The decision will give developers in the open source community the chance to get a peek under the hood of one of Microsoft?EU?s key software products. The Microsoft Edge browser recently replaced the long-standing Internet Explorer when it was released as the default Web browser for Windows 10 earlier this year.

About Face on Open Source

The move to open source represents a major shift for Microsoft, which has fought tooth-and-nail against the open source movement, even as other technology companies, including Google, have pulled the curtain back on some of their core code.

?EU?We?EU?re investing more than ever in improving Chakra, and are excited to team up with our community to drive further improvements,?EU? Microsoft said in a blog post. The company said it has also already received interest from a number of major technology companies, including Intel, AMD, and NodeSource, which are interested in contributing to the code.

Chakra is a JavaScript engine that Microsoft has been working on since 2008. Besides powering the Edge browser, it also supports apps in stores, server-side applications, cloud-based services, NoSQL databases, game engines, front-end tools, and the Internet of Things. That includes other such Microsoft products as Azure DocumentDB, Cortana, and

Not Just for Windows

ChakraCore (pictured), the nucleus of the Chakra engine, is a self-contained JavaScript virtual engine that can be embedded in other products and applications to extend the reach of JavaScript on a server with platforms such Node.js and cloud-based services. Although ChakraCore is a major component behind the Edge browser, it is capable of...

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