Microsoft Giving Nonprofits $1 Billion in Cloud Services

Tech giant Microsoft is demonstrating the well-known generosity of its founder, Bill Gates, with its most recent market move. Microsoft Philanthropies, a project that effectively expands Redmond?EU?s commitment to global giving, is donating a whopping $1 billion worth of cloud computing resources to 70,000 non-profits and NGOs around the world over the next three years.

Microsoft's timing appears to be intentional. In an announcement yesterday, Satya Nadella (pictured above), the company?EU?s CEO, pointed to a January 20 issue of the Financial Times in which he wrote about both the challenges and opportunities that drove Microsoft to make the massive cloud resources donation.

In the opinion piece, Nadella asked a pointed question: How can we make it easier for governments and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to use the public cloud for the public good?

Meeting 17 Sustainable Goals

?EU?The ?EU?public cloud?EU? refers to massive, privacy-protected data and storage services rendered over a network for public use,?EU? Nadella said. ?EU?Cloud computing makes it possible to reason over quantities of data to produce specific insights and intelligence. It converts guesswork and speculation into predictive and analytical power.?EU?

Cloud computing resources are essential if members of the United Nation are going to meet the 17 sustainable development goals they established last fall to solve some of the most challenging global issues by 2030, he said. Those issues include hunger, health, poverty, and education. With cloud computing, nations can analyze mountains of data and respond with appropriate actions, according to Nadella.

Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, pointed out the bigger picture in Microsoft?EU?s big announcement.

?EU?It improves their corporate image, and it increases the number of people who are experts on Microsoft systems to sell Microsoft systems,?EU? Enderle told us. ?EU?It doesn?EU?t come without cost because Microsoft has to donate support as well, but they get a lot...

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