Microsoft Dynamics CRM-Office 365 Bundle Targets Salesforce

Look out, Salesforce. Microsoft just launched a new online sales productivity bundle to compete with SalesforceEUs flagship product, and it is offering it for almost half the price during a promotional period. In addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management), the offering includes both Office 365 and its Power BI product.

"The importance of combining powerful productivity tools with business applications is something that Microsoft Dynamics has recognized all along," said Bob Stutz, corporate vice president, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in a statement announcing the new product. "We have been building our products to work seamlessly together from day one, and this new offering makes it even easier for our customers to benefit from this combination of solutions."

Competing on Price

Redmond is offering the service for $65 per month per user, through June 2015, after which the bundle will sell for $80 per month per user. Current Office 365 customers can upgrade to the bundle for $45 per month. According to MicrosoftEUs numbers, the offer costs almost 50 percent less than a similar combination of offerings from Salesforce.

SalesforceEUs competing product, the Professional CRM edition, matches MicrosoftEUs Sales Productivity bundle at $65. However, it lacks both an office suite and business intelligence product similar to what Microsoft is including in its bundle. Salesforce, meanwhile, is rumored to announce a new cloud analytics service at its upcoming Dreamforce conference scheduled to begin October 13 in San Francisco.

In addition to widely used applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Sales Productivity will also include other enterprise productivity tools, including Outlook, Lync, Skype and Yammer for social collaboration, the company said. Despite SalesforceEUs position as the market leader in CRM software, enterprise clients may decide to switch to the Sales Productivity bundle thanks to its integration with these and other Microsoft tools....

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