Microsoft Debuts Wireless Display Dongle

Anything Google can do, Microsoft can do better. Well, thatEUs RedmondEUs story when it comes to dongles. To combat GoogleEUs Chromecast, the software giant just rolled out the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

Although the name isnEUt nearly as snappy, MicrosoftEUs effort could turn some heads. The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter sort of builds off the companyEUs HD-10, also known as Microsoft Screen Sharing for Lumia Phones. That device lets Lumia users view content on a larger display right from the smartphone. For its part, the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter lets you share content from your Windows 8.1 or Android device onto the big screen.

EUHave you ever had something on your phone that you really wanted to show to your friends and family, but they had to huddle around you and your PC, tablet, or smartphone just to show them?EU asked Brandon LeBlanc, a Senior Marketing and Communications Manager at Microsoft. EUThis happened to me last weekend when my parents were visiting from out of town and I wanted to show them photos from my wedding this last summer our photographer took.EU

The Miracast Difference

With that personal example in mind -- a personal example Microsoft hopes you can relate to -- LeBlanc announced the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. The adapter connects to a HDTV, monitor, or projector and will let you share content from any Miracast-enabled device, including many PCs and Tablets running Windows 8.1. With the Wireless Display Adaptor, LeBlanc said he doesnEUt have to worry about getting everyone to huddle around a device. All the content he cares about, along with audio, is sharable on a big screen.

HereEUs how it works: Just plug the USB end and HDMI end of the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter into a HDTV, monitor or projector. Next, select the right input on your TV, pair it...

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