Microsoft Brings Cortana to More Mobile Devices

If Cortana is your personal digital assistant of choice, you will never have to be separated from it again Microsoft is finally making good on a promise it made in May to enable people to use Cortana across mobile devices and PCs by releasing versions for iOS, Android, and Cyanogen devices, in addition to Windows 10 PCs.

?EU?Cortana was created to be a truly personal digital assistant -- available on the go, no matter where or when you need help, and on whatever device you carry,?EU? Marcus Ash, group program manager for Cortana wrote in a blog post yesterday. ?EU?That?EU?s why it?EU?s important to us that we bring Cortana to not only the Windows 10 ecosystem, but to other platforms.?EU?

Location Reminders, Tracking Capabilities

The new interoperability between devices provides users with several new features, including setting reminders across devices, responding to missed calls via PCs, and advanced location tracking capabilities. Information stored in Cortana?EU?s Notebook on a PC such as interests and weather, will sync across devices and any changes made on one will be reflected on the others.

Cortana can also set a location-based reminder on one device and have it pop up on your smartphone when you arrive at the indicated location. For example, a user can tell Cortana via a PC to send a reminder to pick up a bottle of wine the next time the user is near a wine store, and have that reminder sent to a smartphone.

Another key feature is the Windows 10 missed call alert. If you're in a meeting and can?EU?t take a call on your smartphone, the alert will pop up on your PC. You?EU?ll then be able to have Cortana send a text to the caller from your PC. Users will also be able to track a number of items, including...

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