MapR Debuts Data Stream Platform

In the contested race to build on the open source Hadoop platform, San Jose, Calif.-based MapR is aiming to put some distance between itself and its competitors with a new product called MapR Streams. The product takes constant streams of data and customizes them for clients in near real-time.

For example, the MapR platform can feed consumer data to advertisers to help them create custom offers, or send health data to medical professionals to help tailor treatment options. Data streams use subscription models to let customers share data sources with people or machines that use that data for various tasks. MapR is one of several companies built on the open source Hadoop platform.

One thing that sets MapR?EU?s streaming product apart from its competitors is that it can act as a system of record, creating a document that can be searched and rewound at any point. That ability to make data fully searchable and auditable has potential value for businesses in regulated industries that have to keep track of transactions as they happen.

Real-Time View

To provide analytics to its customers, MapR runs Hadoop jobs that are normalized and then loaded into a relational database for analysis and reporting. With MapR Streams, the company is planning to move these insights into more real-time views for its clients.

As a case study for the value of the Streams product, MapR cited comScore, a provider of digital media analytics and digital marketing intelligence that processes over 1.8 trillion Internet and mobile events every month on MapR. The company aims to build applications using a mix of real-time and batch analytics, database, and streaming technologies with help from MapR, according to a blog post from Will Ochandarena, director of product management at MapR.

The new offerings are part of a strategy to move MapR beyond its...

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