Major Windows 10 Anniversary Update Coming August 2

Security will be the name of the game when Microsoft releases the new update of its Windows 10 operating system in just over a month. The company confirmed today that a major update to Windows 10 will be widely released on August 2.

On its company blog, Microsoft spelled out a list of new features that will come with the update. Chief among those are security upgrades, improvements to its Cortana digital assistant and features designed to make touchscreen devices running the OS more useful and efficient.

Microsoft said that the updated version of Windows 10, marking the one-year anniversary of the OS, is the most secure Windows ever. For individual users, the update includes Windows Hello for apps and Web sites and Windows Defender.

Windows Hello, a new feature, makes it easier for users to get the most out of the natively supported security biometrics of the Microsoft Edge browser. Companion devices can use Windows Hello to unlock PCs, allowing quick, secure sign-ins, Microsoft said.

An enhancement to Windows Defender, Microsoft?EU?s free anti-malware service, enables users to automatically schedule periodic quick scans of their PCs and receive new notifications and summaries when scans are complete and threats are found.

Enterprise Tools

For enterprise users, the updated Windows 10 includes Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. This feature detects, investigates and responds to advanced malicious attacks on networks by providing a more comprehensive level of threat intelligence and attack detection.

The service uses what Microsoft termed the world?EU?s largest array of sensors and expert advanced threat protection, including a team of security researchers at the company who provide in-house and security partner intelligence. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection now covers more than 700,000 endpoints and is being used in pilots by more than 300 active enterprises participating in 70 countries around the world, according to...

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