MacOS Sierra: Top Five Things You Need To Know About Apple’s New Mac Software

OS X is dead. Long live macOS. Apple?EU?s new version of its Mac operating system -- Sierra -- will be available for download later today.

The free upgrade is available for almost any Mac from late 2009 and will be available via the Mac App Store later today. While some might want to hold off immediately updating, given the recent trouble with early updates, here are five new things in macOS Sierra.

1. Siri

The biggest change for Sierra other than the name is Siri. The same voice assistant from the iPhone and iPad is now on the Mac with similar features and faults. It can find files for you using natural language as introduced with El Capitan, set appointments, check spellings, play music and tell you the weather, but how much you use it depends on where you work: colleagues in your open-plan office aren?EU?t going to love the fact that you just started talking to your computer.

2. Universal clipboard

Have you ever wanted to paste something between two Macs or a Mac and an iPhone or iPad? Now you can. Just copy something on one machine, hit paste on the other and wait. Sometimes it takes a while, depending on how good your connection is, but it works surprisingly well. It works for text, images and most other things you might copy to the clipboard.

3. iCloud drive desktop

While some are organized and store all their files in carefully organized folders, many just have everything dumped on the desktop and locked on a single machine. iCloud Drive desktop can now sync files and folders on the desktop between machines and to iPhones or iPads, so everything not organized is accessible from multiple machines.

4. Everything Is in a Tab Now

The tabbed interface kickstarted by browsers have now come to more...

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