MacBook Pro Announcement Date Has Been Revealed

It has been confirmed that Apple is going to announce the highly awaited MacBook Pro 2016 models and it turns out that the event date is much closer than you think. Aside from the MacBook Pro 2016, it is also possible that the company will announce the more affordable MacBook Air family to target consumers who are unable to ditch out tons of funds on a MacBook Pro.

According to sources close to the matter, both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are going to be announced on October 27, making the announcement just 8 days away. It?EU?s not been confirmed where the event is going to take place, but sources claim that it could be held near Apple's Cupertino campus instead of San Francisco. Regardless, the venue where the announcement is going to take place isn?EU?t near as important as the official announcement date.

From the reports that we?EU?ve heard, both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air could feature Intel?EU?s Skylake processors, offering a new line of performance and efficiency that will greatly help to extend the battery life of these notebooks. In addition, we?EU?ve also heard reports that both families are going to feature a secondary OLED display, and it?EU?s going to be present where the function keys of the keyboard are normally present.

In addition, there is also another report coming in the Apple might remove traditional USB ports from these MacBook Pros and Airs and replace them with USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports instead. Though the drawback here is that you?EU?ll need an extra accessory to connect your traditional peripherals, you?EU?ll get higher data transfer speeds, along with the ability to charge the MacBook while charging other devices as well as a result of the improved power delivery of these ports.

The price of both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are unknown...

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