LogMeIn Buys Zamurai To Enhance Mobile Collaboration Biz

Boston-based LogMeIn is looking to strengthen the features of its online collaboration and meeting app join.me by purchasing Zamurai, a San Francisco-based startup that makes a popular whiteboard app for the iPad.

As of Thursday the Zamurai app was still available in the iTunes App Store. LogMeIn, however, said that in the future the technology -- which has now been integrated into new versions of join.meEUs apps for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch -- will be offered exclusively through join.me.

According to LogMeIn, the deal actually closed in late 2014, but was only disclosed this week. Terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed. LogMeIn provides SaaS-based remote connectivity, collaboration, and support solutions for mobile operators, handset OEMs, small and medium-size businesses, IT service providers, and consumers.

Two-year-old Zamurai builds mobile-first real-time visual collaboration solutions aimed at helping to capture and share ideas and conversations. Mobile Whiteboard has drawn praise among mobile users for its library of images, lines and shapes as well as its a drawing tool and infinite canvas.

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In addition to whiteboarding, Zamurai has been refining other technologies for real-time visual collaboration. The personnel presumably joining LogMeIn could point to upcoming enhancements for join.me.

With cloud-based services becoming more essential and network connectivity becoming faster and more reliable, the field for join.me is becoming more competitive. Slack, an online communication/collaboration platform, recently bought Screenhero, which, like join.me, is a screen-sharing and voice chat service bringing users together from remote locations to work on documents that are local to one user or another.

We contacted TJ Keitt, a senior analyst with Forrester, to get his thoughts about the acquisition. He told us that in acquiring Zamurai, LogMeIn is adding a feature -- whiteboarding -- that has been a staple in older conferencing platforms such as WebEx.

"Zamurai being a...

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