LinkedIn Report: Google Scoops Up and Keeps the Best Talent

When it comes to attracting and retaining talent, Google beats all other U.S. firms, a new study has concluded.

And of the companies that made the top 10 in a new study by professional networking site LinkedIn, eight are Bay Area technology firms.

Google tops the list, followed by Salesforce, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Uber, Microsoft, Tesla, Twitter and Airbnb.

LinkedIn said it analyzed billions of actions by users -- including job applications, number of views on companies' sites, and inputs revealing how long a new employee stays in the job -- to produce its first-ever "Top Attractors" list.

"Nearly every company is going through or on the verge of going through a massive, tech-driven transformation -- and the urgency to lure and keep the right talent to make that transition successful has never been more obvious," LinkedIn executive editor Daniel Roth wrote in a company blog post about the study. "Being a talent magnet is going to be what separates the winners from the also-rans."

The high ranking of Google, Facebook and Apple are predictable, LinkedIn columnist Suzy Welch, who worked on the project for several months, said on the company blog.

Amazon came in at No. 5, despite high-profile negative claims about its culture, but the e-commerce giant shares qualities with other companies high on the list, Welch said. "They give people a chance to do meaningful work, make them accountable and make the work count," Welch said.

Standard measurements of potential employees don't paint a complete picture for employers, said Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey.

"Part of the challenge for these companies is that they definitely are competing for talent as a raw material for production, but it's not just their skills and abilities that you're competing for," McQuivey said. "You want the people that have that extra energy and excitement that they're bringing to their...

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