LinkedIn Jumps into CRM with New Sales Navigator Edition

Business social network LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, took a major step into the customer relationship management (CRM) sector today with the announcement that it would be adding a new enterprise edition to its Sales Navigator service. The new version of the software adds several features designed to help salespeople use LinkedIn as a social selling platform to generate sales leads.

That includes the ability to send up to 50 messages through the platform?EU?s InMail system, improved manageability features, such as Single Sign-On, and something the company is calling TeamLink Extend, which aims to make it easier for LinkedIn members to search for contacts within their organizations that could introduce them to prospects at potential client companies.

Social Selling

"Until now, if you were looking for a warm introduction to a lead, you could go through your personal LinkedIn connections, or use TeamLink, which pools the networks of all the Sales Navigator seat holders in your company," Doug Camplejohn, LinkedIn sales solutions head of product, wrote in a blog post. "But we know your reps are probably not connected on LinkedIn to the vast majority of employees at your company, and not every employee in your company needs a seat of Sales Navigator (as much as we?EU?d like that)."

Camplejohn said TeamLink Extend solves that problem by allowing anyone in an organization to connect their own network of contacts to their company?EU?s TeamLink pool. "That means, if you?EU?re trying to reach a prospect, you can quickly see if anyone in your company has a connection with that person, and reach out to your colleague to ask for a warm introduction," Camplejohn said. The Enterprise Edition license will include 1000 seats for TeamLink Extend, the company added.

LinkedIn is also integrating its PointDrive service into the new edition. The company acquired PointDrive, which allows...

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