LG, Samsung Announce Release Dates for Curved Smartphones

Get ready for curved smartphones. On Monday, electronics maker LG announced that it will begin selling curved phones next year, and Samsung has confirmed that it will be releasing a curved phone sometime next week in South Korea.

Both LG and Samsung currently sell curved OLED TV sets, and the global flexible display market, according to IHS Display Bank, will grow from $1.5 billion in 2016 to $10 billion by 2019. LG described its upcoming product as having EUthe worldEUs first flexible OLED panel for smartphones.EU OLED, or organic light-emitting diode, is a high-resolution, high-contrast display. SamsungEUs offering will be a special version of its Galaxy Note 3, which reportedly will be called the Galaxy Round.

LG said its screen will curve top-to-bottom rather than side-to-side, the same orientation Samsung indicated in a recent patent filing for its curved screen. LG said its panel uses a plastic substrate instead of glass, is EUbendable and unbreakableEU and, at 0.44 mm thin and 7.2 grams, is the slimmest and lightest of any existing mobile display. More importantly for user experience, the screen size is 6-inches, measured from top to bottom.

The EUBig BangEU

But a screen that can be bent somewhat does not mean that either company will be releasing a foldable device, at least not soon. Ramon Llamas, Research Analyst for IDC Mobility, told NewsFactor.com that the EUbig bangEU would be a foldable display that EUgoes back to the flip phone,EU except that the opened screen would be mostly screen.

Until then, he said, a curved screen, even one that can bend a bit, is at best an EUincremental added value.EU A six-inch screen provides a significant increase in screen real estate, but it must be carried in a pocket at that size unless you can fold it.

The curved screens on the TV sets are...

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