LG Enters the Ultrabook Race in the United States

Although LG Electronics is far better known for consumer products such as TVs and refrigerators, the Korean electronics company also sells laptop computers -- just not in the United States. That situation just changed as LG introduced a high-end "Gram" series of ultrabook laptops that went on sale yesterday at Microsoft's retail stores, Microsoft's online store as well as Amazon.com.

The LG Gram series comes in three models, all weighing 2.16 pounds, which is lighter than Apple's 11-inch MacBook Air, which weighs a few ounces more. The 13-inch model [pictured, right] starts at $899 and comes in white with Intel Core i5, 8 GB of memory and 128 GB of storage.

The 14-inch model [pictured, left, in background] starts at $999 and comes in gold, also with Intel Core i5, 8 GB of memory and 128 GB of storage. A second 14-inch model starts at $1,399 and comes in gold with Intel Core i7, 8 GB of memory and 256 GB of storage.

No Skylake Chip

The body of the 14-inch laptop is made from carbon-lithium and carbon-magnesium, as is the 13-inch model. Those are the same materials used in spacecrafts, as they are known for their durability. At one-half inch thick the Gram 14 is made to be portable.

The $1,399 version of the Gram 14 includes a fifth-generation Intel Core i7 processor. The sixth-generation Skylake chips will be included in some laptops later this year, but the fifth-generation version is said to have comparable performance metrics. Compared to the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the LG laptop sacrifices some screen resolution, but runs faster and costs less.

The Gram laptops are all Microsoft Editions that run on the new Windows 10 operating system with the Cortana digital assistant and Microsoft Edge browser. They each come with a virus-protection system and include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless...

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