Keeping It Simple: Verizon Kills Contracts and Subsidies

In a move that kicks the competition up a notch, Verizon Wireless is nixing two-year contracts. Starting August 13, the nationEUs largest wireless provider is offering an entirely new pricing plan.

Verizon is playing off clothing sizes -- or coffee sizes -- with its new paradigm, using small, medium, large and extra large to describe its pricing buckets.

EUMany things in our lives come in familiar sizes. Morning coffee? A medium, please. New T-shirt? ThatEUs a large -- at least for now,EU said David Samberg from Verizon WirelessEU corporate communications team. EUFrom small to XL, everyone understands these common sizing options.EU

What Size Is Right for You?

So what do you get and for how much? The small package gets you 1 GB of shareable data for $30 a month. You can upsize to a medium package and get 3 GB of shareable data for $45 a month, which is a much better deal if you can afford it.

Moving up the size scale, a large package with 6 GB of shareable data goes for $60 a month. Of course, the largest value is often in the extra large package. Verizon is offering 12 GB of shareable data for $80 a month. All of these data options can be shared with as many as 10 devices.

Another aspect of the new pricing plan is the flat fee for monthly line-access charges. Every smartphone is now $20 a month. Tablet and jetpack lines are $10 a month. Connected device lines for smart watches and similar devices are $5 a month.

If you want to tap into these deals, you can call Verizon and either sign up for a new plan or transition your existing plan to the new plan. New customers have to buy smartphones using VerizonEUs device payment option or by paying the retail...

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