JP Morgan Hackers Hit Fidelity

Fidelity Investments was among 13 financial institutions hit by a hack attack launched by cybercriminals believed to be associated with the crew that stole customer information from JPMorgan Chase. Although it appears no customer data was stolen, security industry analysts are concerned about the fallout.

JP Morgan last week revealed the accounts of 76 million households were compromised in the attack. On top of that, another 7 million small businesses were compromised. In a Securities & Exchange Commission filing, the firm revealed that user contact information, including names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses were compromised. So far, Fidelity is telling a different story.

EUWe have no indication that any Fidelity customer sites, accounts, information, services or systems were affected by this matter," said a Fidelity spokesman in a published statement. "We take security very seriously and closely monitor the online environment. Fidelity has a range of safeguards and multiple layers of security in place to protect customer accounts and information, our sites, and systems. For security reasons, some of these protections are visible, some are not. Beyond that, for security reasons, it's our practice not to comment on details of specific matters.EU

Retail vs. Financial Services Attacks

Ken Westin, security analyst at advanced cyberthreat detection firm Tripwire, told us he thinks itEUs interesting to see the difference between the scale and scope of the recent retail and financial services cyberattacks.

EUFinancial services companies, like JPMorgan Chase and Fidelity, have invested heavily in their security infrastructure. This stands in sharp contrast to the attacks weEUve seen in retail industry,EU Westin said. EUEven though retail firms also have significant investments in technology, their security infrastructures appear to be significantly less resilient.EU

Westin pointed out that both the Fidelity and JPMorgan Chase breaches could have been much, much worse -- but these organizations were able to limit the...

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