Italian Spyware Company Hacking Team Hacked

The Hacking Team has been hacked. The Italian company has made a name for itself helping governments and intelligence agencies spy on people. But now the tables have apparently been turned as the teamEUs private e-mails and other documents have been exposed online.

The Hacking TeamEUs Web site is also down, but it all started when the groupEUs Twitter account was hacked. In fact, the hackers changed the name on its Twitter account from EUHacking TeamEU to EUHacked Team.EU

From there, it got really interesting as a tweet from the Hacking TeamEUs account offered a link to 400 GB of the companyEUs source code, e-mails and internal files. EUSince we have nothing to hide, weEUre publishing all our e-mails, files and source code,EU the tweet said.

What This Reveals

Who could have done this? ItEUs still unclear. No individual or group of hackers has claimed responsibility for hacking the hackers.

What we do know is this: Reporters Without Borders, a non-profit organization that aims to defend the freedom to be informed and to inform others, has labeled Hacking Team an enemy of the Internet, explaining: EUHacking Team describes its lawful interception products as EUoffensive technologyEU and has been called into question over deliveries to Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. The companyEUs EURemote Control System,EU called DaVinci, is able, it says, to break encryption on e-mails, files and Internet telephony protocols.EU

The stolen internal documents reveal the locations of Hacking GroupEUs customers, including: Australia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Sudan, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, United States, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam, according to Graham Cluley, an independent security analyst in the United Kingdom.

EUA YouTube video acts as an advertisement for Hacking Team's services, although it's questionable just how many intelligence agencies would want to use the services [of] the firm now [that] it has...

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