iPhone 7 Rumors Suggest Radical Design Changes on Tap

It?EU?s almost 2016, which must mean another iPhone is on the way. Not only will we be getting a new iPhone, but one with significant changes over previous models, if we are to believe the rumors. The release date may still be nine months away, but that shouldn?EU?t stop us from parsing through the rumor mill.

Reports are leaking out from Cupertino that Apple is considering a variety of upgrades to its flagship product when the iPhone 7 is released in 2016. That could include anything from a switch to an OLED (organic LED) display to a chassis made out of new, possibly even waterproof, materials.

Organic (LED) Growth

OLED screens use an organic compound that acts as a semiconductor. The technology has become the darling of digital displays recently, thanks to its ability to function without the use of a backlight. That allows it to display deeper black tones while at the same time reducing weight and thickness compared to a standard LCD display. Apple already uses the technology for the screen on its Apple Watch.

Only two companies currently manufacture the displays: handset competitors LG and Samsung. But one rumor has it that each firm is close to inking a $12 billion deal with Apple to supply the screens for the next model of the iPhone. Previous reports that LG is building out its manufacturing capacity would seem to support, or at least not directly contradict, this rumor.

But even if the news of a deal to supply OLED screens to Apple is true, that may not necessarily indicate it will make an appearance on the iPhone 7. Apple may simply be getting its ducks in a row ahead of planned upgrades on later models, such as an iPhone 8 in 2018. Or it may be looking to use...

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